Friday, May 22, 2009

mothers day

ethan calls the monkeys oh ah ahs its so cute

poor LALA got licked by the sheep

the baby were not that hungry

we found one she got 3 bottles lucky goat

are you hungry???

I woke up to 2 wonderful cards and a itunes card then i got ready to spend the day with my mom. Ethan could not stop talking about seeing the monkeys or feeding the goats.
It was a nice day Ethan and I went to the reston zoo with my mom aka LA LA. ethan loves to feed the animals its so cute. HE was so excited and it was perfect it was not hot. Then we had pizza Ethan passed out on the way home and both slept till 7pm Marcus made dinner and it was a great mothers day.

Monday, May 18, 2009

busy busy

man where does the time go???? Ethan is talking alot now he says things he shouldn't sometimes we do a lot of time outs and taking toys away. He still has his favorire 6 blankies Luckily he only takes 2 with him when we go to work. I have so busy on facebook these days I forget to update my blog but hopefully I am back Its been a little warm these days so Ethan has been playing outside with Luke and Austin yes I got Austin back preschool just did not work so maybe in july when hes 3 they will try again. i will update pics soon we shaved ethan hair so he looks like a new kid thank goodness it grows back.

Friday, April 24, 2009

ok we have been busy meet our new pet YA YA OH

We have a baby Chick Ethan has named her YA YA OH he loves her soooo much. She was in a box and now in a cat carrier because she is starting to fly. She is very nosiey at night I keep her in a bathroom so I don't have to listen to her squawk. She does sleep at night so she only makes a little noise and then goes to sleep

Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Pet Expo

My mom and I took Ethan to the Pet expo it was really neat he loves animals I can not wait to take him to the zoo in a few weeks hes never been to a real zoo. We only stayed an hour it was during naptime so Ethan wasn't in a real good mood unless we held him he loved all the dogs walking around he petted most of the dogs. I can't wait till next yr it will be even more fun

Watching peggys kids well just zach the twins were asleep

do not climb on that table!!!!

Last saturday Ethan and I went over to hang out with Zach so Peggy and her hubby could go out. Ethan was really tired but would not calm down heres some pics of him. Zach is such a good kid we laughed all night by 11pm we all passed out on the couch it was really a lot of fun.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

A big Mess from 1 two yr old

Since I have Ethan all week on Saturdays I get to go out for most of the day. Well I went to a consignment sale and when I was leaving I called to check in and make sure everything was ok. It was until half an hour later Marcus called and said " OMG" I was like what happened?? WEll Marcus had to go upstairs and well Ethan got bored and he got out the Hershey Chocolate syrup and well decorated the downstairs. Well I was still out shopping so I leaft and headed home and this what I saw. So Marcus and I spend the afternoon cleaning and luckily we got some out but the stains are still there so leason we learn is DO NOT LEAVE KIDS ALONE EVER